The new Calvin Klein Intense Power range is big, but it hasn’t popped out of nowhere.

BANG&STRIKE named the Power Red trunk ‘Boxer of the Year 2014' and with good reason. A strong, metallic waistband offset by the classic Calvin Klein trunk creates a modern fit and style that packs punch into your underwear drawer. And you agreed with us – both the trunk and brief proved super-popular online!

Following the ‘tester’ of the Power Red, for 2015 the new Calvin Klein Intense Power boxer and brief have been released to broaden the range. Taking the best of what we’ve seen and mixing it with the classic Calvin Klein boxer and brief, it’s clear they’re on a winner. A bold, masculine waistband retains the strong font of the Power Red but uses inverted white-on-black text to striking effect.

The Intense Power range proved popular with BANG&STRIKE boys Igor Stepanov and Oliver Bailey too!

The trunk is a mid-height boxer that sits on the hips like sports styles, and is shaped to provide comfort and support. The brief is a similar style, with a modest rise on the legs for a classic look. Slightly elasticated, the cotton fabric is body-defining and cosy enough to forget about for the rest of your day.

But if you prefer sporty, moisture-wicking microfibre fabric then you can get hold of the blue Power Red brief instead!

For the Calvin Klein Intense Power range it’s all about the waistband. According to research by Garcon Model, 35% of men buy their underwear to flash the waistband above their jeans, so there’s no shame in caring about what others might see on the day-to-day. Whether you invest in Intense Power or Power Red, the bold and blocky Calvin Klein Intense Power waistband is masculine and modern, offering something new and appealing  with an otherwise familiar name.

Can the Intense Power range match the Power Red’s success? We sure think so, and we’re hoping to see more bold steps from the brand!

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