microfiber mens boxer short



The right pair of pants can make the difference between a good and a bad day, they can boost your confidence and a comfortable pair of pants makes everyone happy right?

So when it comes to ultimate comfort and style do you opt for cotton or microfiber? Don’t know? Here’s the technical bits:


So cotton is a natural material, its über comfortable, it’s really soft and very breathable making it the perfect fabric for pretty much any skin type. It does keep you cool but it doesn’t hold onto moisture which isn’t always ideal in a gym environment, however you can’t get static shocks from cotton pants which is always a plus!



Microfiber is not quite as organic as cotton but the huge selling point is its moisture wicking properties. It’s the ideal fabric for your workout as it keeps you cool and dry no matter how hard you push it at the gym or on the pitch.

Microfiber may not be quite as soft and comfortable as cotton but it feels great against the skin. It’s also pretty stretchy, giving you a snugger fit as well as supporting your package.


Well we think it comes down to personal preference as well as the occasion. If you’re hitting the gym it’s got to be microfiber all the way, but if it’s a day at the office, a hot date or a night out choose a style that looks and feels great!

Lucky for you we sell a gigantic range of pants and when it comes to cotton pretty much every brand we sell has some awesome 100% cotton boxers and briefs to choose from and if you’re looking for microfiber Emporio Armani and Teamm8 do some great styles not forgetting the STRIKE PRO #ATHLETICISM Collection exclusively available in store.

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