We love the internet. Not only can you buy some pretty awesome pairs of men’s underwear, but you get to view celebrities’ lives from a whole new perspective. From Facebook live videos to snapchats and tweets, there’s nothing a celeb loves more than sharing their life over social media. But all too often, it’s not just their soul that gets bared. In the last decade, we’ve seen a rise in celebrity nudes, and we’re not just talking private photos that have been leaked to the press a la Jennifer Lawrence. We’re talking full on frontal naked celebs in public or in magazines!

It starts out innocently enough, a cheeky bum on snapchat, a bit of sideboob papped by a photographer. Celeb crotch shots are practically a norm when it comes to opening gossip magazines, and if TV has taught us anything, it’s that alcohol plus reality TV equals flesh flashing! But there’s still something so intriguing when it comes to a celebrity who consciously chooses to go naked. It’s no wonder that celeb nudes are one of the most searched keyphrases of 2016- clearly we’re all just big pervs!


Kim Kardashian.

This reality Queen has never really shied away from exposing her body. From her raunchy outfits to THAT sex tape she made with Ray J, Kim’s assets have rarely been out of the papers. So what made her decision to pose nude for Paper magazine so controversial? On the one hand, Kim was applauded for having to confidence to show off her post baby body. On the other hand, she was lauded for being conceited, vain and stupid. After all, critics said, how could any smart woman with a young child want to degrade herself like that?

Kim fired back and said that being naked, and photographing herself naked, gave her confidence in her body, made her feel empowered and that just because she was a mother doesn’t mean she isn’t attractive. All very true. Obviously, as is the nature of the internet, the conversation died down, and it was just another archive in the Kim Kardashian nude category- particularly as she then took some pretty provocative snaps of herself and circulated them on her own social media.


Orlando Bloom.

Now, when there were rumours of naked pictures of everyone’s favourite elf, Orland Bloom swirling around Twitter, there was a frenzied search, resulting in a trending topic. Bloom, once thought of as a clean cut heart throb had started getting a bit of a bad boy rep, and the public couldn’t get enough of it. It all started when he split with ex-beau Miranda Kerr. It had been rumoured that Miranda had said some things to Justin Bieber that married women really shouldn’t be saying, and when Orlando bumped into the pop star at a restaurant a few months later, they had a heated row, which ended in Orland trying to thump the Biebs.

Fast forward another eighteen months, and Bloom, who had been dating singer Katy Perry was accused of cheating with Selena Gomez. Pot and Kettle comes to mind. Whether there was an indiscretion or not, it didn’t seem to rock the pair, as they were papped paddle boarding. A nice, fun thing to do as a couple right? Except, Orlando was naked. That’s right, little Bloom was there in all it’s glory and Katy Perry didn’t seem to bat an eyelid. The world went mental, Twitter users all over the globe were retweeting it, and it certainly became a scandal!


Justin Bieber.

And speaking of the Bieb, he’s certainly not shy of controversy. Drugs, violence, nudity, we’ve read all the stories depicting Justin as a certified bad boy, but it seems his decision to turn his life around was from the heart. He owned up on TV shows that he’d been an idiot in the past, he wanted to change and he started bringing out some banging tunes. He went from a boy to a man, and if we weren’t all sure of it, he went one step further to show his manliness in a whole other way. With a may or may not have been staged nude leak. He’d been papped before with nothing on, but the most recent time, there was rumoured to be a calculated reason that was nothing to do with fame or fortune. It was said that Justin’s dick pic was in retaliation to Orlando’s nude show, as they’d had arguments in the past and JB thought it would be funny. A little bit like monkeys comparing their bananas, no? Whether this was true or not, it didn’t stop the public from deciding, who’s dick was best all over Twitter.