A while back now we took an I depth look into male model Stephen James and his many, many tattoos. We looked at the Hindu goddess Kali on his torso, the Salvador Dali inspired sleeve and Frida Khalo and we’re sure that over the past two years he’s had even more. Yet it’s not really his tattoos we’re here to talk about today, it’s his transformation from model to muscle!


While James has never been a super thin male model, and he’s always had some seriously toned and defined muscles on him, he was a damn sight smaller back then than he is now. We almost didn’t recognise him in his latest Instagram images! He’s always been a little bit sporty, and he actually started out as a professional footballer, playing for small sides Brentford and AFC Wimbledon. In 2012 he was scouted by a model agency whilst in Barcelona and since then he’s chosen that path instead.


He’s modelled for the likes of Calvin Klein, Philipp Plein, Diesel and Spanish footwear brand XTI. He was also a firm favourite over on the ASOS website for a long time, and modelled a fair bit of their main range. He’s also done some bits for some more niche, ‘streetwear’ brands, which isn’t surprising considering tattoos were hugely in with that scene a few years ago.

But being a model hasn’t stopped him from working out, oh no. While he admits that the long distance commitments between modelling jobs hinders someone’s regime as ‘travelling kills any diet you could ever have’ he likes to run, box and even kick his beloved football around from time to time. By the looks of his Instagram, he also likes sweating it out in the gym, and he’s got some pretty impressive videos of him lifting some pretty impressive weights!